Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Approaching his door I feel an anxious nervous shimmer in my stomach. I knock - tapping lightly - almost afraid or perhaps merely unsure. The door opens and your familiar gallery teen sex gallery teen sex greets me. You smile and step aside to let me in. I walk past you and your scent envelopes me - I'm immediately at ease... in your presence at last.

You take my coat off of my shoulders, sliding it down my arms. We chat amiably as you hang my coat up, then turn to give me one of your warmest embraces and a sweet kiss 'hello'.

Turning and walking into the kitchen - I follow closely behind. A bottle of wine japan teen hardcore waiting, empty glass sitting next to it, expecting it's fill. "Just half a glass for now - after's still early." I thank you and take the glass from your hand, our fingers touch in a quick caress. I take a lingering taste, feeling the wine as it warms my tongue and slips smoothly wet t-shirts teens my throat. The heat in my stomach soon spreads through my body as I enjoy each lingering taste. It's not long before I feel the familiar weakness in my legs. I lean against the wall, listening to you as you tell me about your week. Watching you talk, I look at your eyes - your mouth - smiling when you smile, laughing at your anecdotes.

I try to share what's been happening to me in the past week, but as I speak I soon realize there isn't much that I care to share at this moment. I stop speaking, take a step closer to you - reaching my left teens in thongs hand up to caress your right cheek. Slipping my hand around to the back of your neck, I draw your head closer to me pictures of some serious teen porn I tip mine back. Meeting your lips in a slow, tender, lingering kiss. The tip of my tongues slipping between your lips, just enough to taste....just enough to tease.

I draw away...turn... and walk down the hall towards the bedroom. The familiar room where we have shared sexy asian teens few intimate nights.

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My head falls against your shoulder, giving way to the dizziness that is filling my mind and heart. Your lips continue to brush against my neck, sending hot tingling sensations coursing down my spine. Warmth spreads through me - I can feel sweet heat beginning to center in my thighs.

Your right hand caresses my left breast then moves slowly, gingerly down my body. Fingertips slipping underneath the waistband of my jeans. Down to the lace of my new white lingerie...your fingers find the edge and deftly slip inside. An unexpected moan from the back of my throat escapes my lips, anticipating your touch.

I feel your hand on my belly as your fingertips search downward. Reaching the cleft of my inner thighs, I relax against your chest, your fingertips part my lips teen hot pics tgp porn finds my moist, warm clit. My knees feel sexy teen redhead cumshot video if they want to fold but your embrace keeps me secure. My breathing becomes more shallow and my head lighter.

A sweet hot sensation begins to overtake me as your fingers massage my soft, wet flesh. I spread my legs a begin to move your fingers in small gentle circles. Your ass teen thong pic hand moves under my shirt to my right breast, gently squeezing, caressing and kneading my nipple between your fingers. You quickly pull your left hand out of my shirt and grasp my throat, pulling me against you in a firm embrace. I am trapped against you, my hands grabbing Sex Teens your upper arms, only to hold on. My mind is slipping further away in a swirling dreamlike state. Your fingers caress my teens in thongs and your thumb moves up under my chin - you asian transexual teens tgp my head towards you and we find each other in a strong sensual kiss. Tongues exploring and seeking pleasure...I softly bite your tongue as you pull away, then you come at me again, biting my lower lip. I can feel myself falling, yet your strong arms won't let me fall. I grasp your shoulders, digging my nails into your skin. You nip the back of my neck, the sensation is indescribable and uncontrollable.

Your movements become quicker, more insistent, the heat of my body is pouring teens in thongs from me...sweating, moaning, I can only think of the insistent sensations you're creating. I move my hips in an effort to get closer to your hand...I can't seem to get close enough ... I arch my back. You hold me fast, not leaving me much room to move. I can no longer control my moans and whimpers. The throbbing increases teens in thongs every stroke and I'm lost....lost....I have no control over my body. Your touch becomes lighter, then aggressive and the teasing sensation teen model portfolio florida samantha me...I need more, but you tease again and slow your touch. I sense your fingertips, wet with my lust and heat.

When your caresses quicken nude hot sexy teens gallery form in my eyes, gently slip down my cheeks...I've lost total teen fashion super model completely yours, yours to do with what you will. But you only have my pleasure as your goal, as if it were your deepest desire. When I think I can no longer stand the sensations your caresses become more urgent, my orgasm comes hard and fast, racking my body with spasms. Again I feel as if I would fall if it weren't for your arms, holding me....controlling me. You slow - but don't stop teasing, playing...quickening again to drive me to ecstasy once more. I feel like liquid in your arms - no longer a body but a bursting of shimmering light.

You draw away when free tiffany teen pics trust that I can stand on my own. I turn to you and grasp your right hand - bringing it to my lips...the scent of me is on your fingertips and I breathe it in, taking your fingers in fre sex teens mouth to taste the pleasure you so freely gave. We kiss, that sweet, gentle kiss as we did upon greeting each other. You take me by the hand and guide me to the bed where we lay down, in teen photos each others arms...just to lay quietly in each other's comfort.

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